I am a graduate of the Victorian College of Arts. I placed my career and love for Art aside while I raised my family as a full time mother. I have now reached the stage of my life, which many changes have taken place and I am now pursuing my true passion as an artist.

I recently completed a refresher course in June 2011 in Abstract Expressionism art, which has unleashed a power within me to paint continuously, canvas after canvas. Applying paint to my brush and canvas expresses my inner wonder and appreciation of the beauty of the world around us. Most of my work is representational of nature, landscape and underwater sea life. Beauty is hidden in the colours, textures, and shapes found in our surrounding parks, mountains and forever-flowing seas.

To describe my artwork would be vibrant, exiting, and uplifting. Art viewers can expect extraordinary painting, which show depth and meaning to the paintings. The colours, tones, textures, and strokes that I apply reflect and complement the meaning of each painting.

I am inspired by many artists Rembrandt, Turner, and Picasso just to mention a few. These artist for me, show and express a wonderful play of dark and light combinations in amazing forms and shapes. I am fortunate enough to have been tutored and mentored by the inspirable and knowledgeable Alan Close, who introduced me to the new world of Abstract expressionism. I am also fortunate enough to have been tutored by Michael Goff, who also was a true inspiration.

To me, my paintings are a platform in releasing my inner self and deeper thoughts. It brings me joy and happiness as it is what I long to do for the rest of my life. I wish and strive to achieve the very best in my artistic career by putting my heart, mind, body and soul into creating inspiring paintings.